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In the history of mankind, the character of insurance was found within the sort of marine trade loans or carrier contracts. Evidence within the record of insurance was made in Babilognia and in India at an early period. within the holy book of Hindus. The code of “Manu” had recognized for sharing future losses.

In the ancient period, international trade was done through sea transit therefore the risk was attached on both ship and cargo. During that period traders were made an agreement among themselves under which the loss caused to a person was compensated by dividing the loss among themselves, named as “General Average”. At an equivalent time “Battomry Bond” was developed to supply ship loans which can repay with interest, if the ship reaches destination safety. Yahoodies are the most contributor to develop modern marine insurance once they were forced to go away France.

In the same country commercial clients like Venice, Geneva, Florence was began to use the fashionable Marine polices whereas the chamber of insurance was established in Lombard Street of England to issue an insurance certificate. A father of recent marine insurance, Edward Lloyd published insurance news regularly. Later on, Lloyd’s house was became the middle of the Marine insurance Business, and still, now, it’s the place of corporation registration and renews.

Life insurance made its introduction in England in 1653 by William Gybbons. the primary life assurance company named ‘The hand in hand society’ was opened in 1696. life assurance wasn’t popular within the us during the 18th century, due to serious fluctuations within the death rate. After 18thIndia, the primary life assurance company-Bengal presidency was established in 1818. century, they began to point out their interest during this business due to the appliance of A level premium plan. In our neighboring country,

After Marine insurance & life assurance , insurance was developed. At the start of 16thGermany. insurance was developed in England after the good fire in 1666. About 85% of homes were burned to ashes and property worth near about 10 cores of the sterling pound were completely burnt off. Five insurance office was established by 24 members in 1710 remains now very fashionable and successful.

Insurance needs are a fact of life in both business and our personal affairs. Nearly everyone within the industrialized world carries some kind of insurance. many of us carry several differing types of insurance. In some professions, insurance may be a necessity. In cases of a mishap, or maybe deliberate harm, insurance can mean the difference between getting back on one’s feet or never recovering.

A major sort of coverage is health care insurance. Health care insurance covers treatment for illnesses and accidents. Many policies also cover preventative care. Health care coverage is meant to guard individuals against the excessively high costs of paying for treatment out of pocket. it’s often covered by employers, but many individuals cover themselves. Medicare and Medicaid are federally issued health care coverage programs. Some states even have health care programs, more often for youngsters . Nonetheless, nearly 46 million Americans had no insurance coverage in the least in 2007, consistent with the National Coalition on Health Care.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is meant to hide the ultimate expenses, including funeral expenses and bills, of the policyholder upon his death. It also can provide a way for a policyholder to supply for his heirs financially. life assurance is issued either as a term policy, which doesn’t build equity but which generally has lower premiums and whole life assurance , which does provide equity the policyholder can borrow against. Whole life policy premiums are generally costlier than insurance .

Property insurance is meant to supply the means to repair or replace items useful within the event of an accident, natural disaster, or deliberate acts. Homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, car insurance , flood insurance, and insurance for individual items useful like jewelry or musical instruments are all classified as property insurance.

Business Insurance

Many business owners carry insurance for his or her commercial enterprises. they’ll insure their inventory, office facilities, or manufacturing equipment. during a partnership, the partners may remove insurance policies on each other within the event of the untimely death of 1 or more of the partners.

Liability Coverage

The most commonly known sort of liability coverage is insurance for physicians, which is almost universally required as a condition to practice medicine. many nations require drivers to hold car insurance as a condition of driving. Some property insurance policies also protect homeowners and apartment dwellers from financial responsibility within the event a visitor suffers an accident or causes damage.

Disability Insurance Coverage

Disability insurance protects the policyholder against the loss of income if he or she becomes unable to figure thanks to illness or injury before reaching retirement age. social insurance are often issued as an extended term or short term policy.

Life insurance could also be defined as a contract where the insurer pays a particular sum of cash either on the death of the insured or on the expire of the fixed period in consideration of premium undertaking. A life assurance contract isn’t a contract of indemnity because the lifetime of an individual can’t be measured in terms of cash . In life assurance , the insurer promises to pay a particular sum of cash to the insured on the expire of the policy or to the nominee on the death of the insured whichever is earlier. intrinsically life assurance provides financial protection against the danger of early death and at an equivalent time life assurance may be a good investment.

allow us to see an example, if an insured dies before the maturity of the policy, the insurer provides financial protection to his dependents. But if the person lives up to the maturity of the policy, the insurer replaces the certain sum of cash to him. So life assurance isn’t only protection against the uncertainty of life, life assurance is an investment too. life assurance .jpg The life assurance contract also can describe as a ‘contingent contract’ because the loss of life can’t be compensated and only a specified sum of cash is paid, if the insured die.

Life insurance is meant to hide the ultimate expenses, including funeral expenses and bills, of the policyholder upon his death. life assurance also can provide a way for a policyholder to supply for his heirs financially. life assurance is issued either as a term policy, which life assurance .jpgdoes not build equity but which generally has lower premiums and whole life assurance , which does provide equity the policyholder can borrow against. Whole life policy premiums are generally costlier than insurance . for many people, the aim of life assurance should be to exchange the financial contribution made by a loved one . life assurance are often pure insurance, which pays only on the death of the insured, or cash value insurance, which also features a savings vehicle. most of the people who need life assurance are more happy with pure insurance and saving for retirement through other vehicles. Proceeds from life assurance cover three sorts of expenses: replacement of the policyholder’s income or work, estate taxes, and burial costs. once you consider the quantity of insurance to shop for , consider the following:

 Most of the life assurance should get on a loved one whose salary is vital to the family budget.

 Consider a comparatively small life assurance policy on a stay-at-home parent to hide child care and other expenses.

 Don’t buy life assurance for youngsters . Instead, buy life assurance on other relations for the advantage of children.

 Consider reducing the quantity of life assurance you’ve got as you build more financial assets.

 expire credit life assurance and mortgage life assurance if you’ll . These plans are restrictive and expensive. Buy more general life assurance instead if you are feeling a requirement .


Life insurance has changed with time. There are basically three sorts of life insurance:

 Term life assurance

 Term life assurance is that the simplest sort of life assurance . it’s also the foremost inexpensive. It covers you for a selected term. During this era of your time , your premiums don’t change.

 Like all life assurance , term life assurance is an agreement between you and therefore the life assurance company. You comply with pay a predetermined premium rate. Your life assurance company agrees to pay a sum to your beneficiary if you die—as long as you were still paying your premiums at the time of your death.

 With term life assurance , the coverage pays off if needed during a selected period of time . Term life assurance provides protection for a selected period of your time – like 20 years. Because it doesn’t accumulate cash value, insurance is inexpensive in comparison to Whole life assurance (Permanent insurance.) Term life assurance is in low initial premiums provide greater coverage for the cash & good for covering large loans like auto loans or mortgages loans.

 Whole life assurance

 Whole life assurance is purchased as a long-term policy which will function not only an policy but counting on the sort , as an investment vehicle also . the entire life assurance will mature only on the death of the insured. this sort of insurance is completed to guard the dependents of the insured during which low premium is paid up to his life. Although, this sort of insurance has no gain to the insured, reach persons like better to take this sort of insurance to form provision for the payment of inheritance tax .

 Whole life assurance , just like the term, is strictly what it seems like  Unlike Term, however, whole life builds a cash value which you’ll claim if, in later years, you opt that you simply not need the life assurance

3.Universal life assurance

Universal life assurance may be a sort of life assurance that builds a savings plan out of which your premium is paid. Universal life assurance may be a flexible combination of Term life assurance and Whole life assurance , so it’s commonly referred to as ‘flexible’ life assurance because you’ll change the premium or face value, although it always has got to prove insurability if you would like to extend the face value. The interest it accumulates also can fluctuate with the economy. So if you begin with unusually high interest, you’ll find it necessary in future years to extend your premium slightly to stay the policy effective .

It has many of the features and minimal premiums of a term policy, and yet offers flexibility to extend those premium payments and accumulate equity using a number of the features and advantages of an entire life policy.

General contract

 A life assurance contract is simply sort of a general contractor where offer and acceptance are of typical nature. Submission of the proposal along side premium is a suggestion and dispatch of acceptance letter is that the acceptance. sort of a general contractor, a minor cannot enter into a contract without guardian acceptance. an individual of sound mind can enter into a contract and a contract with an alien enemy is void. to form a contract, both parties must have free consent, legal objectives, and no chances of coercion. Undue influence, fraud, and misrepresentation.


 The insurer is susceptible to return the premium along side some benefit to the insured after the expire of your time or the death of the insured . Thus premium paid by him regularly is like depositing money during a bank. just in case of his premature death, the fixed amount is paid to his nominee.


 life assurance may be a contract because the insurer shall pay the insured sum only the contract is constant by payment of premium. additionally , the insurer promise to pay the sum is additionally conditional upon the satisfactory proof of death and other condition as mentioned within the policy.

 Assignment and nomination

 life assurance are often assigned freely for legal consideration, love, or affection. The assignment shall be complete and effective only in accordance with the policy mention itself or by a separate deed. life assurance policyholders can nominate an individual or person to whom the cash secured by the policy shall be paid within the event of his death. just in case if the nominee dies, the sum shall be paid to the policyholder or his legal representations.


 life assurance must have interest means monetary gain from the continuation of life or loss from its destruction. Although the loss of the insured can’t be measured in terms of cash . But in practice a particular sum of cash , sometimes a bonus is fixed to be paid.

 Utmost straightness

 The life assurance requires the doctrine of utmost straightness . In life assurance , both the party insured and therefore the insurer should supply all the fabric facts to every other which helps to determine the danger . Both the party has duty and responsibility to form full and true disclosure of all the fabric facts to the danger which may influence the choice of proposer whether to use or to not apply for insurance.

 citizenry , his family, and properties are always exposed to different sorts of risks. Risk involves losses. Insurance may be a tool which reduces the value of loss or effect of loss caused by a spread of risk. It accumulates funds to satisfy individual losses. it’s not a tool to stop the unwanted events of happening or explanation for loss but protects them against that loss by compensating which as lost.

Insurance provides security

Insurance provides safety and security against the loss of a specific event. life assurance provides security against death and adulthood sufferings. insurance protects against loss thanks to fire while Marine insurance provides protection and safety against loss of ship and cargo. for private accident and sickness insurance financial protection is given when the individual is unable to earn.

Due to slight negligence, the property could also be turned in to ashes. an individual might not make certain of his life, health and can’t continue the business up to a extended period to support his dependents. By the assistance of insurance, he are often sure of his earning, because the insurance firm can pay a hard and fast amount at the time of death, damage by fire, theft, accident and other perils

Insurance provides peace of mind

Insurance removes the tensions, fears, anxiety, frustrate, or weakness of the human mind related to future uncertainty.

Life insurance encourages saving

The insured has an obligation to pay premium regularly and can’t be withdrawn easily before the expiry of the term of the policy. life assurance encourages the habit of normal and systematic saving through premium and after a particular period, it might be a neighborhood of the required saving of the insured

Insurance accelerates the economic process of the country

To develop the economic process of the country, insurance provides a robust hand and mind, with protection against loss of property and capital to supply more wealth. It provides protection against different sorts of loss caused by risk. It accumulates the capital from the insured and utilizes it for the event of the country. Thus, insurance meets all the wants for the economic process of a rustic .

Insurance provides credit facilities

The insured can get a loan by pledging policy and therefore the interest won’t exceed the cash value of the policy charged by the insurer. just in case of the death of an insured , the policy are often utilized for the setting of the loan with interest. A businessperson can take a loan on the idea of insurance documents from the bank also.

Insurance makes security and welfare of employees

The security and welfare of employees is that the responsibility of the employer. These security and welfare are easily met by life assurance , accident and sick benefit , and pension which is usually provided by insurance . The premium for insurance is generally paid by the employer. Insurance may be a simple method for employers to satisfy their responsibility. thanks to these benefits, the worker will devote their maximum capacities to finish their job.

Other Importances of Insurance

trade risk.

a) Insurance helps to market foreign trade providing protection again

b) Insurance increases business efficiency eliminating the loss of injury , destruction, or disappearance of the property of products .

c) Insurance protects social wealth providing protection against social evil.

d) the event of insurance business helps to unravel the evil of unemployment, generating employment opportunities within the country.

e) The insured gets tax benefits in life assurance .

MARKETING OF life assurance

The economic activities are often divided into three main categories – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. the first activities include agriculture, fishing, forests, and mining. The secondary activities include agriculture, construction, and industry. The tertiary activities include services like insurance, banking, finance, transport, communication, etc. The list of services includes utilities, civil, insurance banking, defense services, transport, etc.

In LIC, life assurance services are rendered with a view to protecting the people against the danger of loss thanks to accidents, fire, death, sickness, unemployment, and so on.

Some people might argue that there’s service marketing, but only marketing during which the service element is bigger than the merchandise element. We do agree that, within the sale of the bulk of the products , there are both a product part also as a service part. However, there are numerous service organizations like insurance companies, banks, transport companies who don’t consider themselves as marketers of products . They see themselves as providers of services.

Characteristics of life assurance Services

Life insurance services, as described above, have variety of unique characteristics that place them in separate categories compared to physical goods. These characteristics create special marketing challenges. they’re given below :

Intangibility: Llife insurance services are intangible in nature. it’s quite different fromm other commercial products. the buyer has got to have faith within the services of life assurance providers. Services are intangible and thus , can’t be seen, felt or tasted. The customer has got to be encouraged, enthused and helped to see the unforeseen tomorrow and usefulness of a life assurance products. Unlike tangible products, there are not any factories and production lines for all times insurance.

Heterogeneity: life assurance services are heterogeneous in nature. That is, they’re highly variable. Each life assurance product of the service I somewhat different from other products of an equivalent services. Different sorts of insurance products are developed from time to time to cater to the precise needs of consumers .

Inseparability: fairly often services can’t be separated from their provider. it’s vital to know the guts and soul relationship between product and repair, cost, and quality. life assurance products still exist over an extended period of your time , and for creating its service available, the insured has got to continue paying the acquisition price (premium) throughout the term of the policy. This ensures that the advantages already accrued under sale aren’t lost. Hence thanks to inseparability, direct sale of services is that the only channel of distribution. In LIC, insurance agents represent and help in promoting inseparable services.

Changing Demand: The success of life assurance service marketing successively depends on the power of the firm to seek out a customer and to satisfy his wants. For this purpose rather than trying to sell what are often produced the firm should produce what’s really needed by the customer and what would satisfy his wants. it’s a buyer’s market, by and enormous , the vendor i.e. the LIC has got to take a choice whether to sell a specific policy to a specific person or not on the idea of data disclosed by the customer himself within the proposed form.


The first and foremost objective of all marketing activities is that the satisfying of human wants. Besides life assurance has other objectives too. a number of the objectives are :

The spread of life assurance message

Mobilization of savings within the sort of pension

Profit maximization

Successful distribution of life assurance products

Improving customer services

Increasing the customer base and its spread

Developing a company image

Developing guiding policies and their implementation for an honest result

Suggest solutions by studying the issues concerning the life assurance business.

Insurance helps to scale back inflation

Inflation created from an oversupply of cash and on fewer production entities. Insurance can help to scale back inflationary pressure in two ways. Firstly, it collects money as an amount of premium which controls oversupply of cash , and secondly, it provides sufficient funds for increase production entities. Thus, it reduces the impact of inflation.

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