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World Standards Day 2020

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World Standards Day honours and pay tributes to the efforts of the thousands of experts who develop voluntary technical standards within standards development organizations like the :

• American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME),

• International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC),

• world organization for Standardization (ISO),

• International Telecommunication Union (ITU),

• Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).


• In 1960, ISO publishes the quality ISO 31 on quantities and units (which has since been replaced by ISO 80 000). ISO 31 is predicated on SI (Système international d’unités). The SI sets out one unit for every quantity, for instance , the metre for distance and therefore the second for time. the target of the Systeme International d’Unites is to succeed in world-wide uniformity in units of measurement.


• A technical standard is a longtime norm or requirement for a repeatable technical task In contrast, a custom, convention, company product, corporate standard, then forth that becomes generally accepted and dominant is usually called a de facto standard.

• Standardization is useful and promotes the economic development of all nations. The trade and commerce departments of each country prosper under the rules of Standardization and strict industry regulations. This helps in making voluntary standards in everything and anything, including the potential to travel efficiently, having access to cleaner energy, and ensuring standard safety and security measures.

• Exports and imports of a rustic thrive when a rustic accounts for quality production conforming to standards of international importance. the varied processes of Standardization, including step-by-step testing, quality checking, auditing and certifying, suits industry-relevant recommendations and crucial instigation’s.

Significance of the day:

The central idea behind celebrating World Standards Day was to line standardization at the international level. This helps in making voluntary standards in everything and anything, including the potential to travel efficiently, having access to cleaner energy and ensuring standard safety and security measures.

There are independent organizations concerned with the event of standardizations. Standardization doesn’t pertain to individual countries or compliance agencies. Standards set by technical experts and exclaimed through voluntary contributions pertains to each organization around just like the travel industry, energy industry, safety and security departments of each company, etc. Right from building eco-friendly environmental systems to sustainable living conditions, Standardization is important at every stage of life. Waste management is another area that needs regulations through well-drafted standard policies to save lots of the world from more significant damage.

Theme 2020: “Protecting the earth with Standards”.

Popular ISO Standards:

The world organization for Standardisation (ISO) is that the largest publisher of standards within the world. When businesses round the world conform to an equivalent standards, management techniques, business processes and production controls, quality, products and services all become standardised.

• Quality management standards to assist work more efficiently and reduce product failures.

• Environmental management standards to assist reduce environmental impacts, reduce waste and be more sustainable.

• Health and safety standards to assist reduce accidents within the workplace.

• Energy management standards to assist cut energy consumption.

• Food safety standards to assist prevent food from being contaminated.

• IT security standards to assist keep sensitive information secure.

Following are the ten popular ISO standards

• ISO 9000 – FAMILY QUALITY MANAGEMENT: The ISO 9000 family is that the world’s best-known quality management standard for companies

• ISO/IEC 27001 – INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT: Providing security for any quite digital information, the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards is meant for any size of organization.

• ISO 3166 – COUNTRY CODES: Avoid confusion when pertaining to countries and their subdivisions with this standard.

• ISO 26000 – SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Help your organization to work during a socially responsible way with this standard.

• ISO 45001 – OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY: Reduce workplace risks and confirm that everybody gets home safely with ISO 45001.

• ISO 6 – CAMERA FILM SPEED: one among the earliest ISO standards, ISO 6 allowed photographers to pick the proper film for his or her subject

Bureau of Indian Standards:

BIS has been providing traceability and tangibility benefits to the economy during a number of the way by:

• Providing safe reliable quality goods.

• Minimizing health hazards to consumers.

• Promoting exports and imports substitute.

• Control over the proliferation of sorts etc through standardization, certification, and testing.

WSD Facts:

  1. The ISO 9001 standards is that the latest quality management system set by the ISO. It came into existence by the top of the last century thanks to the stress made by trading firms.
  2. The firms demanded that each one suppliers and buyers must follow certain quality standards to expedite the exchange.

3. There are quite 20,000 individual ISO standards set across the planet .

4. China has the foremost number of firms with ISO 9001 certificates. they need around 328,200 such companies.

5. Germany has 49, 540 certificates. The country has more certificates per capita than the other nation.

6. Studies show that 96 percent ISO certified companies recommend other firms to urge the certification.

7. The standardisation of products and services benefit the businesses in some ways . By avoiding recalls, reworks, in-warranty repairs and poor quality complaints, they will make more profit than others.

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