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World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day 2020

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Consistent with the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, quite 126 million people are impacted by musculoskeletal conditions. The day highlights obesity, screening, and prevention and also looks at symptoms, treatment, and economic impact.


• Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries aren’t just conditions of older age; they’re prevalent across the life-course. Between one in three and one in five

people(including children) accept a musculoskeletal pain condition.

• the best proportion of non-cancer persistent pain conditions is accounted for by musculoskeletal conditions.

• Musculoskeletal conditions are commonly linked with depression and increase the danger of developing other chronic health conditions.

• Musculoskeletal disorders are any sort of disease that affects the joints, ligaments, nerves, muscles, and bones. Musculoskeletal conditions in children and teenagers are getting more common.

Some samples of this sort of condition include:

• atrophic arthritis (RA)

• Bone fractures

• Tendinitis

• Developmental dysplasia of the hip

• dystrophy

• Osteoporosis

All of those disorders affect function and mobility. a number of the foremost common causes of musculoskeletal disorders in children include car accidents, playground accidents, and sports injuries.


The Pediatric Specialty Group established the primary World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day on October 19th, 2012. The Pediatric Specialty Group may be a program of the us Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI). The USBJI seeks to enhance the prevention of bone and joint disorders. Their goal is to enhance the standard of life for those suffering from bone and joint disorders. they are doing this by finding reliable information, doing research, and spreading awareness.

Bone and Joint day India

Bone health is one among the foremost neglected aspects of healthcare in India. consistent with a report published by the International Osteoporosis Foundation in 2013, approximately 80 percent of the urban Indian population is vitamin D deficient.

Indian Orthopedic Association is celebrating Bone and Joint day on 4th August since 2012.Pediatric bone sarcoma may be a rare entity with low incidence of around 2.5–6 per million population in India. It aware of increasing impact of musculoskeletal conditions and promote cost-effective prevention and treatment. today reminds us to reassess and evaluate the performance of orthopedic fraternity to realize improved bone health of the masses and define the areas where collective efforts are needed by Indian Orthopedic.

Osteoarthritis: The degenerative bone disease

Osteoarthritis may be a condition which may affect different joints of the body but usually targets the weight-bearing joints like knees, hips and ankles. The person may complain of painful stiff joints which can swell sometimes. The swollen joints can either be hard and wobbly (due to growth of additional bone) or are often soft (due to thickening of the joint lining).

Osteoarthritis primarily affects the elderly population. it’s a serious explanation for disability in older adults worldwide. consistent with World Health Organization (WHO) 9.6% of men and 18.0% of girls ageds over 60 years have symptomatic osteoarthritis worldwide.

It’s the foremost frequent joint disease with a prevalence of twenty-two to 39% in India. OA is more common in women than men. Nearly, 45% of girls over the age of 65 years have symptoms while 70% of these over 65 years show radiological evidence of OA.

Ways to stop osteoarthritis :

There are certain simple ways during which an individual can prevent osteoarthritis, a number of them are:

1. Eat healthy food: The diet should includes calcium, vitamins D and C, phosphorus and proteins. Among of these , calcium is that the most vital mineral, necessary for the expansion and development of the bones.

2. Exercise regularly: It not only helps in improving the range of motion, flexibility and performance of the joints but also helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Practice yoga: Yoga helps in improving the mobility and performance of the knees, thus reducing the joint pain. Since yoga doesn’t involve vigorous exercises, it’s also safe for patients of osteoarthritis.

4. don’t overuse your joints: Continuous bending of knees, frequent squatting, sitting cross-legged or kneeling for an extended time can increase the danger of osteoarthritis of the knee. attempt to avoid overdoing all of those postures to stop over-working the joints.

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