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World Food Day 2020

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The day is widely known widely by many other organizations concerned with food security, including the planet Food Programme and therefore the International Fund for Agricultural Development. The day is observed per annum in additional than 150 countries and raises awareness of issues behind poverty and hunger. the most focus of World Food Day is that food may be a basic and fundamental right .

More than 820 million people within the world are still hungry today, underscoring the immense challenge of achieving the Zero Hunger target by 2030, reveals the state of food security

World Food Day: History

The United Nation Organisation’s Food and Agriculture Association (FAO) was established on 16th October in 1945, To generates awareness globally for those that suffer from hunger and to make sure the necessity for food security and nutritious diets for all.

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) :

The WFD focuses on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)-2 : Zero Hunger

• consistent with FAO, there are quite 3.1 million children who die of youngsters per annum .

• Ending child undernutrition will help to extend GDP of developing countries by 16.5%

• Investing 1 USD to get rid of hunger will bring return between 15 USD and 139 USD.

• Ending child mortality thanks to nutrition deficiency will increase productivity in work places by 20%

The major issues liable for this imbalance are:

• Hunger,

• Obesity,

• Environmental Degradation,

• Loss of agro-biological diversity,

• Food loss and waste and

• a scarcity of security for organic phenomenon workers

Food security:

Food security means having the ability to possess adequate supplies of food to measure healthily. to possess food security:

• People must have enough money to shop for food

• Food must be affordably-priced

• There must be enough reserves of food, or reliable enough supply chains for a spread of foods, to make sure that access to food isn’t interrupted

• The food available must be nutritious, so those that consume it can lead active, healthy lives

Obesity and malnutrition are ironically two sides of an equivalent coin. While hunger and malnutrition claim several deaths per annum , obesity too is on the increase and has become a serious explanation for concern.

1 &2   2. 41 million preschool children were obese

3. Narau and American Samoa are the countries with the foremost obese people within the world.

4. quite 603 million adults and 107 million children out of a worldwide population of around 7.5 billion are obese.

Objectives of World Food Day

• bilateral, multilateral and non-governmental efforts to the present end;

• encourage economic and technical cooperation among developing countries; encourage the participation of rural people, particularly women and therefore the least privileged categories, in

• decisions and activities influencing their living conditions;

• heighten public awareness of the matter of hunger within the world;

World Food Day 2020: Significance

• the first focus of the day is to celebrate the furtherance of food security everywhere the planet , especially in times of crisis.

• It promotes and lift awareness of food quality, nourishment, and therefore the problems with worldwide hunger.

• It highlights and take necessary actions for food security and good nutrition for all, with a special specialise in poor and vulnerable communities round the world.

World Food day in India

While handling the COVID-19 outbreak, India is additionally addressing increased levels of malnourishment, especially amongst children below the age of 5 years. Malnutrition caused 69 per cent of deaths of youngsters below the age of 5 in India.

• India ranks 102nd out of 117 countries within the 2019 Global Hunger Index. It sits slightly below Niger and an area above Sierra Leone .

• The world’s second most populous country and therefore the 5th largest economy within the world is home to 1 / 4 of the world’s undernourished people.

• Around 21.25% of the population still lives on but $1.90 a day. Despite such a lot economic process , India still is grappling with high levels of poverty, food insecurity, and malnutrition. within the last 20 years , the income gap between the rich and therefore the poor has increased. The Covid-19 pandemic is merely getting to make things worse.

To tackle things , the planet Food Programme is taking many steps along side the govt of India. The govt , in 2013, had enacted the National Food Security Act which ensured food grains at subsidised rates to approximately two-thirds of the Indian population. However, the fight to finish hunger is way from being over. India’s 1.4 million Anganwadi workers, who are the core of India’s Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) scheme, play an important role in breaking the cycle of malnourishment by identifying under nourished children within the local communities and providing sustainable learning to mothers and families on basic, health, nutrition, immunisation, the importance of micronutrients to combat malnutrition in India.


1. Obesity kills more people than hunger.

2. there’s enough food produced within the world to feed the whole population yet 820 million people worldwide attend bed hungry nightly .

3. Fishermen, small farmers and herders produce about 70 percent of the worldwide food supply, yet, they’re susceptible to food insecurity.

4. An estimated 17 million children under the age of 5 worldwide suffer from severe acute malnutrition, also referred to as severe wasting, yet only 20 percent of severely malnourished children have access to lifesaving treatment

5. In developed countries, tackling obesity would save many billions of pounds in healthcare costs.

6. Inefficient, unsustainable food systems harm ecosystems and contribute to heating . Changing the way we produce food is vital to tackling global climate change .

7. because the climate changes, we’ll need to change the way we produce food: yields will decrease, and new food sources will need to be found.

8. In countries where hunger is a problem , eliminating hunger would dramatically increase productivity and national wealth..

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