Partition of Bengal, 1905
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Partition of Bengal, 1905

• The Partition of Bengal was administered by Lord Curzon, despite strong Indian nationalist opposition. The official justification of the partition was administrative convenience but the important intent was to weaken the growing nationalist sentiment by creating communal rifts among the people.

• During that point the provincial state of Bengal, comprised West Bengal with a Hindu majority and East Bengal and Assam with a Muslim majority, the Hindi-speaking regions of Bihar, the Odia-speaking regions of Odisha also because the Assamese-speaking region of Assam, making it an enormous administrative entity.

• With the growing efforts of the Indian freedom fighters to secure the independence of India, Lord Curzon decided to deal with both these problems by partitioning Bengal into two entities, which might end in a Muslim-majority within the eastern half, and a Hindu-majority within the western half.

• The Indian National Congress and therefore the nationalists of Bengal firmly opposed the partition. The Hindus of West Bengal who dominated Bengal’s business and rural life complained that the division would make them a minority during a province that might incorporate the province of Bihar and Orissa.

• There was a involve the unity of Bengal. Dividing a neighborhood that shared history, culture and language went against justice and therefore the move’s motive could only be political. Protestors were beaten by the police. The streets of Calcutta crammed with the cries of ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Amar sonar Bangla’. This song was composed by Rabindranath Tagore during the partition as a song for the unity of Benga ironically it’s the anthem of Bangladesh today.

• Hindus were outraged at what they recognised as a “divide and rule” policy, where the colonisers turned the native population against itself to rule.

• The partition left a big impact on the people of Bengal also because the political scene of the Indian subcontinent. This event also created a way of political awareness among the Muslims of East Bengal.

.In 1947, East Bengal became Bangladesh, and in 1971 became the independent state of Bangladesh after a successful war of independence with Pakistan.

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