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Covid -19 updates of the World

15 May 2021, 5:43 AM (GMT)

COVID-19 Global Stats

162,974,265 Total Cases
3,378,495 Death Cases
142,032,687 Recovered Cases


To work in the artificial intelligence industry, you need to possess the skills mentioned in the previous section. So, it’s
Bangladesh GDP may be faster than India this year
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The Partition of Bengal was administered by Lord Curzon, despite strong Indian nationalist opposition. The official justification of the partition
Bharat Biotech to manufacture a billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine
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China: Country from Covid positive to Economy Positive
Every country – big or small – has faced successful from the Covid-19 pandemic, and China has suffered but most.
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Covid -19 updates of the World

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when a machine imitates the “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”.

The scope of the IA is contested: when the machines become more and more capable, the tasks considered as requesting “intelligence” are often removed from the definition, a phenomenon known as the effect of AI, which leads to the joke, “artificial intelligence is all that has not yet been done “[3] For example, optical character recognition is often excluded from artificial intelligence, having become a routine technology [4]. Understanding human language, top-level competition in strategic gaming systems (such as chess and Go), self-contained cars, intelligent routing in the content delivery network, and military simulations.

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What is data science and what does a knowledge scientist do

Data science has rapidly become a well-liked career option over the years. With the growing possibilities of AI and other areas, data science has come to be a relevant field of research and work.If you too have an interest in data science as a career, then this blog will assist you provide information about its potential. allow us to begin with the fundamentals of knowledge science and advance to other essential questions.

What is data science?

Data science may be a multidisciplinary domain that creates use of statistics, algorithms, data analysis, and machine learning techniques to review patterns and other phenomena. The insights gained from that are then used for problem-solving and further research in several different scientific and technical areas.

What does a knowledge scientist do?

They employ variety of relevant techniques and research models to form sense of the info . The conclusions they are available to can then be wont to provide businesses and agencies with important insights. These results can then be employed by the companies to strategize and style better policies or products.

Besides this, data scientists also can help in developing the tools utilized in data science. They play key roles in creating algorithms, testing, and research, and building other tools.

Why build a career in data science?

All kinds of businesses today invest in data science and analysis to form better decisions for both themselves and their customers. Data scientists became an asset to most companies and teams.

Scope of knowledge science in future

• India is second only to the US when it involves data science jobs. 1 out of each 10 data science or analytics jobs is accounted for by India. (Quartz India)

• There are up to 50,000 data science job vacancies in India immediately , which suggests many opportunities for skilled job seekers to seem forward to. (Business Today)

Demand for data science professionals

• Currently, the most important employer of knowledge scientists within the banking and finance sector, comprising about 44% of total data science jobs. By 2020, India will create 39,000 more data science jobs spanning sectors like agriculture and aviation. (Business Today)

• Evolving technologies mean that data science will see an enormous demand in fields like AI, cyber security, space exploration, and driverless transportation too. (The Economic Times)

Plenty of job openings Requires good knowledge of multiple disciplines and tools, High demand in major sectors Low possibilities for independent research work, Creative application of mathematical and statistical skills. the utilization of knowledge analysis results are controlled by the world or company’s needs and demands

Qualification required for data science

Since data science uses a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving and analysis, you would like a robust background in mathematics, statistics, and computing before you’ll become a knowledge scientist. Preferences are given to candidates with an honest knowledge of programming languages and relevant work experience too.

Data Science

Data Analyst

Data Engineering

Business Analyst

Statistical Analyst

Machine Learning

Note: last updated in March 2019. it’s subject to vary chronically.

Role and responsibility of knowledge scientist

Data Scientist Analyzing data , using data analysis techniques and tools, sharing insights with companies, strategizing

Data Engineer Using Big Data technology and Hadoop, creating useful software, working with SQL technologies, providing data warehousing solutions

Business Intelligence Professional Identifying how Big Data are often used, interpreting high volumes of knowledge , providing relevant insights for business solutions

Machine Learning Engineer perform A/B testing, building and implementing algorithms and data pipelines, producing data-based products or services, helping with operations,

Data science jobs salaries

Average data science job salaries can vary consistent with skills and knowledge . Here is a mean annual salary data for data science and related job roles.

Data scientist skills assessment

Take a glance at the talents necessary to figure in data science.


Mathematics Strong understanding of multivariable calculus and algebra

Programming and languages :- Ability to use programs like R, Python, SQL and Hadoop

Data wrangling:- handling imperfect or inconsistent data and unstructured data for analysis and extracting useful information

Data visualization :- Using visualization tools to present the knowledge found from data analysis and communicating them to the corporate

Machine learning :- Working knowledge of algorithms and other facets like neural networks and adversarial learning

Soft skills:

Curiosity, creativity, communication, critical thinking, business sense, and teamwork

Data science tools

Tools every data scientist should know

Data Scientist Apache Giraph, Hadoop, Apache Pig, Apache Storm, D3.js,

Network X, GNU Octave, Rapid Miner, etc.

Data Analyst Spark, Excel, KNIME , pandas, Spotfire, Bokeh, etc.

Data Engineer Hive, Mesos, HBase, Cascading, R Studio, Scala, etc.

Machine Learning Engineer Scikit-learn, BigML, Data Robot, GraphLab Create, Logical Glue, ML Base, Tensor Flow, etc.

Common career paths to become a knowledge scientist

Here are some common ways to become a knowledge scientist.

Career Path 1:

Earn a Bachelors degree in computing → Get certification in Big Data/Data Analytics → Join as a knowledge Scientist or Engineer intern or employee at a firm

Career Path 2:

Earn a Bachelors and/or Master’s degree in applied math or Statistics → Complete online courses in Programming languages and Data Science/analytics → Complete projects on platforms like Kaggle and build a portfolio → Apply for jobs in Data science

Career Path 3:

Earn a Bachelors degree in Physics → Take online courses in Programming languages→ Collect professional certifications in Data Science and Machine Learning → Intern or get employment as a knowledge Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer

Career Path 4:

Earn a Bachelors degree in Business Administration → choose a Master’s degree in Data Science or Marketing/Business Analytics → Intern or find employment as a knowledge Analyst

Tips to urge employment in data science

These are some essential skills you want to need to make a career in data science.

1. Build strong mathematical and statistical skills

A solid base in applied mathematics and statistics are often very helpful in data science. it’s a key skill for analyzing the massive volumes of knowledge and data trends collected by big companies.

2. Learn programming languages

Languages like Python and R are very relevant for getting a head-start during a data science career. Knowing the way to code is additionally essential for working with big data.

3. Courses and certifications

There are an entire sort of pertinent and interesting data science courses and programs, both online and offline. These programs include data processing , statistical tools, coding, machine learning, etc. a few of such certifications in your pocket will assist you increase your employability chances as a talented data scientist.

4. Work on data science projects

Learning thanks to |a way to”> the way to use tools and techniques isn’t the sole way to become a knowledge scientist. Building a portfolio by performing on real projects, either as an intern during a relevant company or independently on platforms like Kaggle are often very beneficial.

5. Develop business acumen

Companies want to rent data scientists for the precious inputs they will provide during the method of strategizing and product-building. Knowing thanks to |a way to”> the way to use the results of knowledge analysis and present them as creative insights or business solutions may be a brilliant way to sharpen your credibility as a knowledge scientist.

Data science books

Here may be a list of popular data science books:

What is Data Science by Mike Loukids

The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos

Business Analytics: The Science of Data-driven deciding by U Dinesh Kumar

Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy by Narasimha Karumanchi

Marketing Data Science by Thomas W. Miller

Big Data Demystified by David Stephenson

Machine Learning by Tom M. Mitchell

Python Machine Learning By Example by Yuxi (Hayden) Liu

R for Data Science by Hadley Wickham

Data Structure and Algorithmic Thinking with Python by Narasimha Karumanchi

Data science YouTube videos and channels

Here may be a list of popular data science videos and channels on Youtube:

Data science tutorial for beginners by Edureka

Introduction so far science by Simplilearn

StatQuest with Josh Starmer


Data School

Siraj Raval

Data science forums

Here may be a list of popular data science forums:

IBM Data Science Community,Data Science on Reddit,Data Science Central,Analytics Vidhya,Quora – Data Science,MachineLearning on Reddit,Kaggle Forum,Data Science Stack Exchange,R Nabble,Data science webinars,

Here may be a list of popular data science webinars:

Dataversity,KDnuggets,DataScience.com,RapidMiner,R and Tableau,Data Science Central,SAS,TDWI,Anaconda

Top companies to follow

Here are some companies which are working with big data and machine learning:

IBM , Oracle , Amazon , Microsoft , Netflix , Google , Pinterest , Twitter , TCS, MakeMyTrip, Manthan, Razorthink , SocialCops, Sigtuple, Fractal Analytics

With data science and machine learning or AI growing to be the most well liked jobs in recent years, there’ll only be a rise in opportunities and avenues to follow within the near future.

Author:- Saan www.businessinthemorning.com

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