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What do you imagine of when you hear the word server, hi my name is saan, where explained computer terminology, using as I call them saan examples what do you imagine when you hear the word server. A mythical creature or wardroom be sighs scary computer with lots of light bulbs and tons of switches service actually a computer program so a piece of software. That is run on a device that doesn’t have to be huge but typically is and there are different types of servers serving different purposes and the most common ones are database servers. That lets you store an Access Data email servers that except for word deliver and store your email file servers, which provide file storing services web servers. That store process and deliver web pages to the clients or users game service that allow for multiple players to play the same game and experience the same game environment at the same time.

Print servers that let you print documents wirelessly and application servers that let you create a store and run your web applications on them. Multiple server programs can be run-on one device so it can be multitasking. So your image of the huge wardrobe was not so wrong so why don’t we go back to imagining servers as metal boxes with lights and switches rather than something intangible like software all right, so now we know that servers are devices with software performing certain actions and storing data, but how do we access or receive those services and that is where the client-server relationship comes in you and I are clients in those situations and servers well our servers every time you ‘retrying to access information that’s stored in a server, you send a request as a client to a server that stores that information and the server are just sitting there bored looking at us watch and scrolling it’s Instagram feed and once your request comes in, it’s really happy to finally share do something and share that information with you unless there are restrictions like a password .

Something like that a good example of that is opening a webpage for example when you type in the address into your browser let’s say a coding .com. It converts it into its unique IP address finds the right server where the information about this websites stored and sends it a request the server sends back the information about this web page in form of a code that is encrypted according to the HTTP protocol which your browser then reads and converts it into pretty pictures and words and on my page I have the best one a great example, of this would be a library you go into a library to find a certain book you know the name of the book so in our parallel that’s the website URL.

The book name corresponds to a certain number in the system just like the IP address using which you can, where it’s stored the server so now the book needs to get delivered to you or at least let’s assume for the sake of this example which is how the information that’s stored on the server gets back to you, we can go a step further and compare your brain to a browser that converts text into knowledge. Just like browsers convert code into pretty pictures and words.

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