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Every city within the world tells the story of its history. The richness of the story lies in how well the town has preserved its glorious past. The district of Anantapur features a beautiful history of rich religious heritage and architecturally appealing temples that draws tourists, historians, nature lovers and worshipers from across the planet . Here may be a brief history of the good city of Anantapur along side the outline of a number of the highest tourist attractions.

History of Anantapur

The city of Anantapur is found within the southwestern& Andhra Pradesh state of southern India. the town lies on the most road between& Hyderabad, the Telangana state and Bengaluru. The name of Anantapur springs from Ananda. This was the name of the wife of the diwan who built the town .

According to the history books, the top of the Hande family received Anantapur as a present from the then king of the Vijayanagara Kingdom. Afterwards, the region was governed by the Qutub Shahis, then the Mughals, then the Nawabs belonging to Cuddapah. within the end, the Nizams gave over the control of the region to the Malay Archipelago Company after making a treaty with them.

Towards the south of the town lies the most campus of Sri Krishnadevaraya University. the town of Anantapur also has other well-known colleges of science, arts, and engineering. The International Society for Krishna & Consciousness & Temple is additionally in Anantapur.

The city of Anantapur is understood worldwide for the simplest handmade pure silk sarees. There are many silk related industries situated within the region. and therefore the majority of the local population is supported by these industries. the town of Anantapur may be a major hub for Silk trade.

Tourist attractions in Anantapur

The city of Anantapur is legendary for its ancient temples and forts, exquisite silk sarees and therefore the local cuisine. the simplest time to go to the world is between the months of November and February. the highest tourist attraction of Anantapur city is that the Ahobilam Temple. it’s a gorgeous temple complex, with temples of Chenchu Lakshmi Devi and Adi Lakshmi Devi inside.

Another top attraction of the town is that the beautiful Iskcon Temple of Anantapur. The temple is made within the shape of a horse drawn chariot, and it’s only 4km outside the town .

A must-visit spot for tourists is that the glorious Anantapur tower . this is often the landmark of the town . The tower stands tall within the middle of the road. it had been built during the first days of India’s freedom and is a reminder of that point . one among the most attractions of Anantapur is that the Penukonda Fort. it’s located nearly 70-km from the most city of Anantapur. The name of the fort comes from the word Penukonda, which suggests “big hill”.


Anantapur may be a lovely city. along side its rich history and lots of tourist attractions, the people are affectionate and helpful. it’s a city which can always entertain you with its delicious local cuisine and therefore the beautiful historic landmarks. Hence it’s an excellent place to go to and explore.

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