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India in terms of most merciful country within the world, then i feel India would be first in it because we Indians follow the tradition of mercifully over the rapist which obviously no other country shows. What a shame for our country! India is that the most dangerous country within the world for a lady due to the high risk of sexual violence and slave labor, a survey of 2018 shows. The Thomson Reuters Foundation released its leads to the year 2018 of a survey of 550 experts on women’s issues, finding India to be the foremost dangerous nation for sexual violence against women, also as human trafficking for domestic work, forced labor, forced marriage and sexual slavery, among other reasons. it’s also the foremost dangerous country within the world for cultural traditions that impact women, the survey found, citing acid attacks, female genital mutilation, child marriage and physical abuse. India was the fourth most dangerous country for ladies within the same survey seven years ago. And yes, nothing has changed within the past two years of survey as is reflected from the brutal Hathras gang rape.

Hathras Case

People who died of the plague or another contagion were administered of the village and their bodies were burnt without the dignity of a correct cremation. This indignity to our loved ones was accepted as a public health necessity. But Wednesday night, when images streamed in on social media and news channels, of a sobbing mother in Hathras being denied her young daughter’s body, followed by the pictures of police personnel, deployed fully force, burning this young girl’s remains, with none right in law, during a lonely field outside the village, it had been an injustice that was morally and legally an excessive amount of in touch .

All a lady asks is why? Just why?

We sleep in a rustic where we worship women within the sort of goddesses. Every man in India is conscious of Durga Maa’s irascibility , her divine power of killing the demon Mahisasur. India may be a country where women is taken into account the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, where feet of girls are considered auspicious signs of wealth. Then, why does it happens that around 100 sexual assaults are reported to police within the country a day , consistent with the National Crime Records Bureau, with nearly 39,000 alleged attacks reported in 2016, a rise of 12% from the previous year. Some cite reason of poor administration in India. So, let’s check out what other countries do to kill the rapists, unlike India where only rape victims succumbed to death. And then, you opt should we copy the laws of those countries to stop the ‘Laxmi’ of your house from being raped.


China is one among the strictest countries when it involves rape punishments. The punishment is death sentence.

The laws against rape are criticized. There are weaknesses within the system that allow rapist to flee justice. for instance , same sex rape became illegal in 2015. Before that, same sex rape was legal. regardless of whether underage women were prostitutes or not, it had been still a rape, punishable by death sentence.


The rapist is killed publicly , either by hanging or shot. The goal is to point out the general public that rape isn’t allowed, and lift the notice . Victims are allowed to shot the rapist publicly so as to urge justice. it’s worth mentioning that quite 15% of executions in Iran are literally rape cases. Rapists can sometimes escape execution , if the victim allows it. However, albeit the victim allows the rapist to flee the execution , the rapist remains responsible for 100 lashes or captivity .


In France, there’s no execution . It all depends on the victim and therefore the factors. for instance , the straightforward rape crime is punished up to fifteen years in prison. If the victim is younger than 15 years, prison sentence can go up to twenty years. If the rape is preceded or amid torture, the punishment is life in prison. Any act of sexual penetration is taken into account rape in France.


Rape cases are very rare in Afghanistan. There are two reasons why. the primary one is that the punishment, which is death sentence. Rapists are shot within the head within four days of trial. The punishment is executed by the victim. In some cases, rapists are hanged. the opposite reason why there are few rape cases is due to stigma and culture in Afghanistan.

Rape victims are more stigmatized than rapists within the country. Raped women are punished under Muslim Law. consistent with the law, if a lady is raped, she has got to marry the person who raped her so as to stay her honor. If she chooses to not , she will face possible murder at the hands of her circle of relatives . The Shia Family Law is one more reason . Under the law, women need to roll in the hay with their husband once every four days. The law applies only to Shia women.


Saudi Arabia has very strict rules against rape. Rapists are first sedated, then murdered publicly Rapists are beheaded publicly , and therefore the refore the body and the head are then stitched together. Rapists also can be sentenced to death by stones. The law applies for both women and men.


The punishment for rape within the Netherlands is prison. and therefore the sentence are often between four and fifteen years. On first glance, that’s not as cruel punishment as in other countries. The difference is that within the Netherlands, even a soul kiss is taken into account a rape. sexual abuse on a prostitute is additionally punishable up to 4 years in prison.

Root causes of rape in India

Encouraging rape victims to compromise: during a recent separate rape case, a 17-year-old Indian girl who was allegedly gang-raped killed herself after police pressured her to drop the case and marry one among her attackers. Rape victims are often encouraged by village elders and clan councils to “compromise” with the family of accused and drop charges — or maybe to marry the attacker. Such compromises are aimed toward keeping the peace between families or clan groups. A sluggish court system: India’s court system is painfully slow, partially due to a shortage of judges. The country has about 15 judges for each 1 million people, while China has 159. A Delhi supreme court judge once estimated it might take 466 years to urge through the backlog within the capital alone.

Misery of India

Well, we all know that India may be a county where rape wasn’t seen as a major crime before the Anti-rape bill was passed in 2013. Yes, within the Nirbhaya case, four Indian men executed for 2012 Delhi bus rape and murder. within the death reference case and hearing appeals on 13 March 2014, Delhi supreme court upheld the guilty verdict and therefore the death sentences. On 18 December 2019, the Supreme Court of India rejected the ultimate appeals of the condemned perpetrators of the attack. It took Nirbhaya’s mother 8 years to possess justice for her daughter. during this Hathras case too, we should always not expect justice before 10 years because the priests of democracy need to play politics, parties need to use this for vote making. Justice delayed is justice denied. Will there be any sense of justice if it’s given after the ashes of the victim have cooled down? Where are we heading? can we Indians really respect our ‘BHARAT MATA’? Allegations over a family of victims of being money-minded, over the character of the victim became more important for us than the pain of her mother. we will learn from the countries above. But, we do need to learn because after every rape case we are made assured that it’ll not happen again..but, it happens, again and again…!

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