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Where justice is denied, when dictatorship hegemonizes, it’s the youth who say you’re not powerless its time for you to boost your voice. you’ll change, you’ll start just step ahead and speak out. This same aggression is within Thailand’s student against the authoritarian government of Army chief-turned Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha. The government declared a state of emergency banning on October 15 banning public gatherings and censoring the media, to tackle the growing student protests. The protestors feel the emergency degree is yet one more attempt by the govt to require away their rights. But voice to the right never stops, they need vowing to continue the agitation, deepening the crisis that has shaken the country’s political and royal establishment. The three finger salute is the hall mark of protests.

The authoritarian regime of Thailand

The roots of the present discontentment are linked with the past year, country is split for many years between hostile factions- broadly, an urban elite and a rural base that has felt ignored as Thailand’s wealth gap has grown. The older oppression and burning negligence have taken a direction, the present pro-democracy movement has transcended the normal political rifts. The country’s political faction argued that the elected prime ministers were corrupt and adept at milking the system, charming the masses with promises of cheap health care and crop subsidies.

2014 coup which brought Mr. Prayuth and the junta to power. A junta may be a government especially a military one, that has taken power during a country by force and not bye-election . In 2017, the military introduced a replacement Constitution, which allowed the military to appoint a 250-member Senate that might play a task in selecting the Prime Minister. The country held the delayed Parliamentary election in 2019, which was seen as an exercise to transfer power from junta to an elected government. But international observers deemed them but fair.

About protest

Armed with umbrellas, social media, and global support, young Thais are taking over a government that has used arrests, legal intimidation, and water cannons to undertake to prevent them. In February 2020, the highest court’s decision to dissolve the pro-democracy Future Forward Party triggered instant demonstrations. The protests which subsidized thanks to the pandemic, sprang back to action in June after the disappearance of a dissident in Cambodia. From July onwards, students have maintained the road pressure on the govt, and even started targeting the monarchy.

Students submitted 10 demands:

1. Revoke the King’s immunity against lawsuits.

2. Revoke lese majeste law, give amnesty to each persecuted individual.

3. Separate the King’s personal and royal assets.

4. Reduce the budget allocated to the monarchy.

5. Abolish the royal offices and unnecessary units e.g. council .

6. Open assets of the monarchy to audit.

7. Cease the king’s power to offer public political comments.

8. Cease propaganda round the king.

9. Investigate the murders of the commentators or critics of the monarchy.

10. Forbid the king to endorse future coups.

The students have also involved the Prime Minister’s resignation; a replacement constitution; fresh, free and fair elections; and an end to attacks on dissidents and Opposition parties. On 16 October, the Thai cabinet confirmed a month-long state of emergency, reserving the proper to impose a curfew and law. On 17 October, an estimated 23,000 participants held rallies at three different sites despite the government shutdown. On social media a replacement trend emerged of using three vertical bar symbols (III)to show support to the protests, pertaining to three fingers. They formed a virtual alliance and got the support of varied sections. On 19 October, crowds gathered at three locations within the northern suburbs of Bangkok. Two more demands presented to the govt, posing for the discharge of activists without persecution and for the emergency decree to be revoked within 24 hours. On 20 October after the govt threatened to pack up Facebook pages and Telegram, the leading group of protestors, the Free Youth, announced a ‘big surprise’ for 6 pm, which was revealed to be that protestors would take an opportunity. The government is trying each and each to shrink the voice of the collective and continue shielding monarchy with an interest to dominate and rule. The break doesn’t assures stop they will punish people but can’t stop demands to return. The shrinking voice also has an echo.

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