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Recently, the govt found out an expert committee under the National Cyber Security Coordinator to seem into revelations that a Chinese technology company with links to China’s government had been monitoring Indian citizens and organizations. us (US) department of defense (DoD), exposed an information-stealing malware, SlothfulMedia, getting used to launching cyberattacks against targets in India and other countries.


• Cyberwarfare may be a strategic competition conducted between adversaries in cyberspace which allows countries to conduct covert operations on an outsized scale, cheaply, and anonymously.

• Cyberwarfare can occur in a minimum of five different spaces — economic, societal, cultural/intellectual, military, and political.

• Cyberattacks on financial institutions are quite common in India and therefore the US. property (IP) rights are another avenue of strategic competition.

• Societally, sowing disinformation through social media disinformation is additionally cyberwarfare.

Vulnerabilities :

• Cyberwarfare is both cheap and anonymous and therefore the internet has become an important critical infrastructure.

• The threats range from IP theft, to small businesses, to elections, to even the electricity grid.

• Cyber attacks are difficult to trace.

• When a malware “Stuxnet” was released to wreck Iran’s nuclear capability by making Iranian scientists and therefore the government think there have been internal issues.

• Individuals are as capable as states of launching cyberattacks.

• Malware is straightforward , low-cost and difficult to trace, when a cyberattack is launched by either the govt or individual, there are not any real consequences due to the anonymity.

Combating cyber threats:

• consistent with the US’ Commission on Cybersecurity,there is a requirement to create relationships of trust between the govt and personal sector.

• Governments must maintain priority investments in technology, science, and research and development (R&D) within the cyber sector.

• there’s a requirement to develop AI technologies to automatically detect cyber threats.

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