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October is carcinoma Awareness Month (BCAM), an annual campaign to teach people about carcinoma to extend awareness of the disease and to boost funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. carcinoma is that the most prevalent sort of cancer. This disease has become a serious problem all across the planet including India.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells, which ends up in formation of lumps within the breast. it’s one among the treatable sorts of cancers. If not detected early, it are often a life threatening disease because it also can spread to other parts of the body. carcinoma affects women both within the developed and therefore the developing world. India features a predominant young population and hence the numbers of girls being diagnosed with carcinoma , therein age bracket is merely getting to increase.

• It can occur at any age but, it’s commonest in women above the age of 40 years.

• In India, carcinoma accounts for 25% to 31% of all cancers in women.

• the typical age of developing carcinoma has also undergone a big shift from 50 – 70 years to 30 – 50 years.

• In India, a lady is diagnosed with carcinoma every 4 minutes and at every 8th minute a lady passes away thanks to an equivalent .

• this will be avoided if it’s detected at early stages. carcinoma accounts for nearly 25-30% of female cancers in India.

• The month of October is devoted to spread awareness about the importance of early detection, and increase attention and pillar awareness of carcinoma .

• An estimated 1,62,468 women were newly detected with carcinoma , in India, for the year 2018. 87,090 women died of carcinoma in India, for the year 2018, the second highest within the world for that year.

• consistent with WHO, there are about 1.38 million new cases and 458 000 deaths from carcinoma annually (IARC Globocan, 2008). carcinoma is far and away the foremost common cancer in women worldwide.


The aim of the BCAM from the beginning has been to market mammography because the best weapon within the fight against carcinoma . The carcinoma Research Foundation and established the pink ribbon as its symbol.

Mammography : Mammography is typically advised by a doctor after the lady has crossed the age of 40 as a yearly inspection. A mammogram is employed to detect carcinoma using an x-ray and is significant for early diagnosis of carcinoma .

Significance of Raising Awareness

Although carcinoma can’t be prevented, the deathrate that comes with carcinoma are often reduced if proper treatment is given at the proper time and spreading awareness becomes crucial in such cases. India being a young nation, is seeing an increase within the number of carcinoma cases amongst women who are aged 30-50. most girls think that carcinoma is merely hereditary and can’t affect them if it doesn’t run within the genes. this is often the most important conception when it involves carcinoma and hence, spreading awareness can help women identify whether or not they are in danger or not.Signs & Symptoms of carcinoma

• Swelling of either or both breasts

• Irritated skin or dimpling

• Unexplained breast or nipple pain

• Discharge aside from breast milk

• Dense breasts

• Scaling or redness of skin round the breast or nipples

• Lumps or a mass within the breast

Different types of carcinoma

Breast cancer is that the commonest sort of cancer in women globally and in India. consistent with the planet Health Organization (WHO), about 2.1 million people are diagnosed with carcinoma per annum . One in 28 women in India is statistically likely to develop carcinoma during her lifetime – the probabilities increase to at least one in 22 if consider just urban Indian women.

Breast cancer are often of various types and grades, counting on where it starts within the breast, whether it’s invasive and the way quickly it spreads. The treatment for every stage, grade and sort can vary. They vary, counting on whether or not they are invasive (spread to surrounding areas) or non-invasive (contained during a particular area) and unifocal (a single tumour) or multifocal (multiple tumours).

1. Medullary carcinoma

2. Paget’s disease of the breast

3. Triple-negative carcinoma

4. Basal-like carcinoma

5. Tubular carcinoma

6. Papillary carcinoma

7. Mucinous carcinoma

8. Inflammatory carcinoma

9. Medullary carcinoma

10. Ductal carcinoma in place

11. Breast lymphoma

12. Breast sarcoma

13. Inflammatory carcinoma

14. Metaplastic carcinoma

Inflammatory carcinoma may be a highly aggressive sort of carcinoma that progresses really quickly.

Male carcinoma

Male carcinoma , which is rare, is usually overlooked.

Breast self-examination (BSE)

A breast exam helps determine the presence of lymph and other change within the shape of the breast or nipple which may be a symbol . Women should conduct a self-exam reception regularly. Consult your doctor for better analysis. This examination are often done reception if you’re feeling too shy to consult a doctor first

• Place your right on the hip. Use your left to feel the world around right armpit. Repeat an equivalent on other side

• If you are feeling a lump, or any abnormalities in your breasts, you ought to choose a consultation.

• This examination should be done monthly by a lady to familiarize together with her breast and detect any irregularities.

• don’t panic if you discover a lump in your breasts. it’s not a transparent indicator, and cold be benign (not cancerous). Always consult a doctor in such cases.

• Ideal age for a lady to start out BSE is 20, and will be done a minimum of once a month.

Risk Factors

• Family History: Women whose mother or sister had carcinoma carry a better risk of developing this disease.

• Breast lumps- Women who have had some sort of non-cancerous breast lumps are more likely to develop cancer afterward .

• Dense breast tissue – Women with dense breast tissue have a better chance of developing carcinoma .

• Age: As women grow old , they’re at higher risk of carcinoma .

• Diet and lifestyle choices: Women who smoke, eat high fat diet, drink alcohol are more in danger of developing carcinoma .

• Radiation Exposure: Frequent exposure to X-Rays and CT scans may raise a women’s chance of developing carcinoma .

• Obesity: Overweight women are at a better risk of developing carcinoma .

• Oestrogen exposure – Women who started having periods earlier or entered menopause later than usual are at a better risk of developing carcinoma . this is often because their bodies are exposed to oestrogen for extended duration.

• Drinking alcohol: Two to 3 drinks per day increases the danger of carcinoma by 20%

• Not being physically active

• Not having children

• Not breastfeeding

• Hormone therapy after menopause

• Using contraception

Tips for carcinoma Prevention

• it’s important to self examine your breasts. Women should remember on how their breast normally look and feel. If you are feeling any change, then consult the doctor.

• it’s advisable for ladies who are around 40 to urge their mammography done.

• Mammography may be a simple radiographic technique which helps in detecting irregularities within the breast tissue.

• Addition of vegetables and fruits in your diet helps in maintaining a healthy weight .

• for brand spanking new mothers, it’s advisable to breastfeed their child a minimum of for one year.

• Don’t smoke or drink alcohol in excess.

• NEED OF THE HOUR is awareness about breast examination, beginning from 20 years aged , and regular screening from a professional doctor, in order that it are often detected early and treated successfully.

“Early detection is that the key to prevention.”

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