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Amnesty International India on Tuesday said the govt had frozen all its bank accounts, resulting in all of its add the country coming to a halt.

“The complete freezing of Amnesty International India’s bank accounts by the govt of India which it came to understand on September 10, 2020, brings all the work being done by the organisation to a grinding halt. The organisation has been compelled to abandoning of staff in India and pause all its ongoing campaign and research work,” a press release by the human rights organisation said.

A new crackdown on Amnesty International India

“The continuing crackdown on Amnesty International India over the last two years and therefore the complete freezing of bank accounts isn’t accidental. The constant harassment by government agencies including the Enforcement Directorate may be a results of our unequivocal involves transparency within the government, more recently for accountability of the Delhi Police and therefore the Government of India regarding the grave human rights violations in Delhi riots and Jammu & Kashmir. For a movement that has done nothing but raise its voices against injustice, this latest attack is like freezing dissent,” Amnesty International India executive Avinash Kumar said.  For its add India, it said it raised funds domestically and around 1 lakh Indians had contributed financially within the past eight years.

What the Centre says

In a detailed statement, the house Ministry said all the “glossy statements” about humanitarian work and speaking truth to power were nothing but a “ploy to divert attention” from their activities that were in clear contravention of laid down Indian laws. “The Amnesty International’s statement is unfortunate, exaggerated and much from the reality . Such statements also are an effort to extraneously influence the course of investigations by multiple agencies into the irregularities and illegalities administered over the previous couple of years,” the house Ministry said.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International may be a London based Non-Governmental Organisation founded in 1961. The organization aims to make a world where everyone enjoys all of the human rights enshrined within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards. It also conducts research, generates action to stop grave abuses of human rights and demands justice for those whose rights are violated. The organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 for its “Defence of human dignity against torture” and therefore the United Nations Prize within the field of Human Rights in 1978.

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