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Over 116,000 infants in India died within a month after their birth thanks to exposure to severe pollution in 2019, consistent with the State of worldwide Air 2020 report. US-based Health Effects Institute and Global Burden of Disease released the primary such report analysing the impact of high pollution on infant health on Wednesday. The report said that India had the very best burden of infant deaths thanks to pollution followed by Nigeria (67,900), Pakistan (56,500), Ethiopia (22,900), and therefore the Democratic Republic of Congo (1,200).

How is pollution associated with an infant’s death? & Air pollution becoming a serious factor to adverse pregnancy

India features a long history of addressing multiple risk factors contributing to adverse pregnancy outcomes including maternal nutrition, anaemia, access to antenatal care, to call a couple of .The recent evidence shows that pollution must be included alongside these risk factors to deal with the burden of low birth weight and preterm births.Of all neonatal deaths due to pollution globally, household pollution accounted for about 64% of them. the remainder were thanks to outdoor pollution . the very best percentage of deaths due to household pollution (80%) was estimated to be within the sub-Saharan region. rock bottom was in high-income regions (less than 2%).

How can we define household air pollution?

Almost three billion people worldwide still depend upon polluting fuels, including biomass fuels (wood, dung, agricultural residues), kerosene and coal, for his or her energy needs. Cooking and heating with polluting fuels on open fires or traditional stoves leads to high levels of household pollution . Indoor smoke contains a variety of health-damaging pollutants, like small particles and carbon monoxide gas , and particulate pollution levels could also be 20 times above accepted guideline values.Household pollution can cause acute lower respiratory infections in children under five, and ischaemic heart condition , stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and carcinoma in adults.

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